Refers to the so-called polymer materials with polymer based materials and polymer materials is composed of high molecular weight compounds materials, including rubber, plastics, fibers, coatings, adhesives and polymer matrix composite, the macromolecule is the existence of life in the form of. So compared to other materials, the physical and chemical properties of polymer materials are relatively good, in particular the following four major properties.
1, insulation
Polymer molecules are good insulators, and the insulation performance is comparable to that of ceramics. Good insulation performance for heat and sound.
2, heat resistance
Heat resistance of thermosetting plastics - high heat resistance of thermoplastic plastics. Often the heat plasticity plastic such as polyethylene, PVC, nylon, long-term use temperature of general below 100 DEG C; thermosetting plastics such as phenolic plastics to 130 DEG C to 150 DEG C; high temperature resistant plastic such as silicone plastic, used in 200 to 300 DEG C.
3, corrosion resistance
High polymer chemical stability. They are resistant to water and inorganic reagents, acid and alkali. Especially is known as the king of plastic PTFE, not only resistant to acid, alkali and other strong corrosive agents, even in boiling acid in aqua regia is also very stable. Good corrosion resistance is one of the advantages of plastic.
4, aging
Aging refers to the polymer in the long-term use and storage process, due to the role of various factors, performance over time, gradually lost the value of the process. The main performance: Rubber brittle cracking or soft, sticky; plastic is fade, lose luster and cracking. These phenomena are irreversible and aging is one of the main drawbacks of polymers.