The parallel cut type bearing seat is usually made of a single piece of metal, commonly used in aluminum, and the use of a spiral cutting system to adapt to the bias and transfer torque. They usually have very good function and have the price advantage, in a lot of practice, it is the product of the first choice. Design of a single block of raw materials to make it done without back play torque and maintenance free advantages. Here are two basic series: single seam type and multi slit type.
Single slit type has a succession of multi ring long cut, which makes the bearing seat with a very good flexibility and a very small bearing load. It is able to accept all kinds of bias, the most suitable for angular disposition to displacement and axial displacement, but parallel bias acceptance is weak, due to together the single slit in bending in two different directions, the great pressure from the outside, and thus lead to premature parts damage. Although the long single slot bearing seat can be under the condition of deflection is very easy to bend, but the torque load on the bearing seat stiffness also have the same effect. A rotary torque load gap will affect the bearing accuracy and weaken all its functions. The single slot bearing seat is an economical choice, which is most suitable for low torque use, especially in the connection encoder and other light instruments.
Multi joint bearing seat is usually 2 - 3 sawcutting, in order to get low torque rigid Issue (problem). Dochez seam type considering the does not weaken the accept to bias the kerf shorter and short cut joints to bearing torque stiffness of strengthened and overlapped together, so that it can accept very large torque. This feature makes it suitable for use in light load, for example, servo motor and lead screw connection. With this function is not without any negative effect: with the growth of the size of the cutting seam beyond the single slit type, the bearing load will increase, but in a few cases, but also enough to maintain the bearing. Some manufacturers have cut seam type concept is extended to another level. In addition to a set of cutting seam, two sets of cutting seam were also used. Multiple sets of cutting seam make the bearing more flexible and biased to accept. Increase in size means growth accept parallel bias can be compared to the single cut suture and a single set of dochez joint bearing seat, in parallel bias conditions, multiple sets of dochez joint bearing seat can together bent towards different directions, so it can conform to the accepted this bias. Today, a large number of this series of bearings are made of aluminum, but there are a few manufacturers to provide design with stainless steel consumption. Stainless steel bearing seat in addition to corrosion resistance, along with the growth of the torque to be able to accept and stiffness, and sometimes can reach two times the same product of aluminum. But the increase in torque and stiffness is offset by the increase in mass and inertia. Many of the negative effects will go beyond their strengths, so that the user has to find other ways of bearing seat. A large ratio of motor torque used in the small motor is used to control the inertia of the bearing seat, which will severely weaken the system's overall function.