Determination of manufacturing process method 1
Casting parts mechanism and casting process analysis, the bearing seat is used for bearing, so as to support the shaft and shaft parts,
The weight of the casting is about 10Kg.
Part material is HT200
Outline dimension (215X80X146) mm
Production programme: mass production
2) for casting small, should adopt the veil, and the wet type back yarn
3) modeling methods: the whole model, live block, two box models
Determination of parting surface 4)
To the bearing seat of the overall shape of the sub type, and use wood as a Phi 62.5 sand core, and basically are in a plane, so the selection of bearing the overall shape of the as parting surface, so that the whole cavity in type. This type also facilitate security gate and riser.
5) to determine the location of the riser
The casting is HT200, the volume shrinkage rate is small, but the casting thick solid parts, so we should pay attention to the occurrence of shrinkage defects, so the position and direction of the ingate introduction is very important, according to the structural characteristics of casting, using directional solidification principle, both ends of the ingate should base on one side of the introduction this can also prevent the sand washed out of phi 62.5, the counter pressure side gap gate, which can reduce the thermal contact between the gate and the casting section, but also can avoid the middle thick part of the heat, and can shorten the coagulation time, to obtain the qualified casting, in addition, due to the pressure side gate feeding effect is good. The casting parts do not need to set the riser, to prevent the pores, in the partial side top is arranged in the middle of a gas feeder position 8 - Phi Phi 10mm.