Nylon retainer bearing use compare a, nylon holding frame is mainly to prevent corrosion in a variety of special industry greatly use, therefore, nylon holding frame material is special, mainly adopts imported special material for injection into the, contains a common ingredients: glass fiber reinforced nylon and adding anti-aging agent, it has good strength and elasticity, resistance to chemical corrosion, anti - aging and good dimensional stability characteristics.
Nylon cages are used to have the advantage of:
1, it is light weight, making the flexibility of the bearings better, if used for electrical or power consumption products, has a great effect on energy saving.
2, its low noise, is the first choice of mute bearings, especially for the high noise requirements of the electrical products have a great impact.
3, it can effectively prolong the service life of the bearing, the friction of the metal cage and the steel ball, the life of the bearing is prolonged, and the function of the plastic cover is very big.
Analysis of the matters that should be noticed in the process of the use of nylon cages:
Bearing in the heating installation, the bearing must not be directly in contact with the heater, to avoid excessive temperature and damage to the nylon.