Both the aircraft, helicopters or engine, Wuxi Kun Rui's expertise in many applications support most of the aerospace market, such as: landing gear, gear box, automatic tilt filter, engine, flight control,...

To achieve the most appropriate solutions for the appropriate applications, and ultimately improve the performance and reliability, is the key to improve your profitability and reduce the direct operating costs (DOCs).

1, actuation

In all solutions to aerospace research and development, the solution is the most. From for hatch by the rod or telex of handling equipment to wing body bearing, Shanghai Tai Chi can certainly provide for your solution.

2, the body structure

Solutions to the most famous part of the aircraft structure improvement, such as rod or the body bearing component part of the overall weight and mechanical specifications.

3, engine and gear box

Aircraft engines and gear boxes are extremely demanding applications requiring extremely high reliability and tight tolerances. Over the years, aerospace has been the product and service to respond to these challenges, is the most important engine and gear box manufacturers.

4, flight control

Can provide from the joystick and throttle control device to mechanical induced the aileron and spoiler of the full set of solutions to optimize the flight control.

5, landing gear

The application of the landing gear is very high, because it is fully hydraulic to support the weight of the aircraft. To help you achieve this goal, the Shanghai emperor Chi bearings offer a full set of lightweight and easy to install solutions.

6, automatic tilt

For helicopter flight control of the main application of automatic tilt, aerospace for its R & D the full set of solutions: from self lubricating sliding bearing to metal or composite rod, from the sealing cover and gasket to seal.

7, the tail rotor

The main application of the helicopter flight control - tail rotor.

8, transmission

For the main application of flight control and power transmission - transmission.