KOFK HEBEI WEITUO BEARING MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of various types of high-quality foreign spherical ball bearing and deep groove ball bearing tapered roller bearing spherical roller bearings. Using different materials to produce to meet the special needs of different industrial and mining is our strengths. Widely used in a variety of fields, and get the user's praise.After many years of accumulation, the company KOFK have a loyalty to enterprise outstanding contingent of workers and engineering and technical personnel, and advanced production equipment, perfect detec... More

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KOFK GE70ES Joint bearing
KOFK UCP207 Spherical ball bearing
KOFK 6202Z Deep groove ball bearing
KOFK UCP216 Spherical ball bearing
KOFK UCP212 Spherical ball bearing
KOFK UCPH204 Spherical ball bearing
KOFK UCHA205 Spherical ball bearing
KOFK UCFB204 Spherical ball bearing
Deep groove ball bearing
insert bearing
Spherical ball bearing
Tapered roller bearing
Spherical roller bearing
Aligning ball bearing
Thrust ball bearing
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